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Online Coding | Python 1.0 | Fee: $62.50

Grade/Age Levels: 5-12

From: 05/03/2021 to 06/07/2021; 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm; Location: Online

Currently Enrolled: 11

Pre-requisites: ❏ Need to have a basic understanding of programming (taken a Scratch class or classes before). ❏ Need to have an internet connection to download the program. ❏ Need to have a laptop, computer, or tablet capable of running the Python software (for PCs and Macs, it is a downloadable program. For ipads and android tablets, there are multiple apps in the app and google play store capable of running Python code on iOS and Android devices). Computers or laptops preferred (so that students are all downloading the same program directly from rather than some on different apps). Details: ❏ A beginner’s course into the world of Python! Students will get a comprehensive understanding of the basics of the popular programming language tool and will create programs of their very own! What is Python? Python is a programming language used for creating software applications. It is widely used by professional programmers and for fun! It is one of the easiest programming languages to get started with.

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