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Fencing Tournament FOIL - Grades 6-12

Start Date: 05/11/2019 from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm at Chanhassen High School

Fencing Tournament FOIL - Grades 6-12 ****FOIL DIVISION ONLY.**** Epee fencer’s should sign up for that division rather than foil. New System • Rounds 1-6; Swiss style pairings, as we have done in the past. Everyone fences five to six times. This is non-elimination. ° Team score is based on the score of the top four fencers from each team/club across all three divisions (6-7 Foil, 8-12 Foil, 6-12 Epee). Team trophies are presented at the end of the sixth round. ° Individual medals are given at the end of the sixth round. ° Gold = 4.0 points are more without a trophy; Silver = 3.0 points; Bronze = 2.0 points or less. • Rounds 1-6 are scheduled to be completed by 5:30pm. Elimination Rounds • The top 8 fencers from each division are promoted to a single elimination event. ° Fencers are seeded based on their finish in Rounds 1-6. ° Fencers fence until eliminated, with a fence off for third place. ° Individual trophies are given to the top four fencers in each division. • The elimination rounds are scheduled to be completed by 6:30pm. Sign up today to THINK, LEARN and PLAY WELL with {YEL!}

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