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Start Date: 07/30/2018 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at Suamico - Municipal Services Center

PROJECT RUNWAY For students entering 4th-8th Grades Get ready for your very own PROJECT RUNWAY FASHION SHOW exhibiting sewing projects (a sun dress, satchel, sun glasses case and more), designs and flair made with your own hands! The {YEL!} Project Runway Sewing Camp follows four basic principles: •Teach It!…Students are taught multiple hand and machine sewing techniques; •Practice It!… Students practice those techniques on basic projects; •Sew It!…Students increase their skill and sew more complicated projects; •Own It!…Students showcase their projects on the last day of class (family and friends are invited), then take everything home with them to walk the runway of everyday life! Sign up today to THINK, LEARN and PLAY WELL with {YEL!}.

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